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These are just some of the features we currently offer on our website:
  • Safely pay your assessments via eCheck or Credit Card.
  • Create, Modify and view recurring assessment payments.
  • Access to your account transaction history in real-time.
  • Access neighborhood directory listings.
  • View your neighborhood's upcoming events.
  • Contact your community manager.

Online Payments
To make your payments online, select the "Pay Assessments" menu option.

Where do I mail my dues payment?
Please mail your check to:
Main Street Management Group
c/o Main Street Management Group
P.O. Box 1399
Commerce, GA  30529

Make sure that your account number is on your check.

Contact Us
If you have questions or comments about this website or need information, please click on the "Contact Us" link and fill out the form.  Be sure to be specific in your inquiry so that we may better assist you.

Voluntary Pre-Litigation Mediation Process.  House Bill 278
Any member of the association may initiate mediation with the association under NCGS § 7-A38.3F to try and resolve a dispute with the association. Disputes related solely to a member's failure to timely pay an association assessment or fines or fees associated with the levying or collection of an association assessment are not subject to mediation under this section. Mediation is voluntary. Either party to a dispute may decline mediation under this section. The costs of the mediation, if held, are shared equally by the parties.

Learn About Your Community !

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  • December 2019 - Inclement weather

    Attention Home Owners:

    With Old Man Winter knocking on our door we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you how a few easy steps could prevent water intrusion in your home.  Low temperatures can cause water to freeze and expand, which can lead to burst pipes.  You can easily avoid this risk of by taking a few simple precautions:

    • Always maintain a low level of heat in your home, even if you are away.
    • Open Cabinet doors to allow heat around your water pipes.
    • Allow faucets to drip.
    • Remove hoses from outside water sources – Additionally, you may purchase covers which are insulated.
    • If you are a single family home owner and utilize irrigation remember to winterize your backflow.
    • Know where your water shut off is located and turn water off while out of town.
    • If you are a condo owner, and experience a water leak, please turn your water off prior to contacting management.

    Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our office.  Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


    In the event that inclement weather closes the office, we will still be answering phones and emails.



    Your Main Street Management Team